Anna pulley, THE LGBT carrie bradshaw

0:46  Intro to Anna & her path 

2:55   Evolution of writing & career path

4:44   Anna on Dan Savage’s Lovecast, Episode 283

6:00  Sexuality is complicated 

10:44  “My heart is gay and my vagina is less discriminatory”

12:13  San Francisco turned me straight 

13:33  Anna’s Coming Out Story and the complexities of sexuality 

20:51  Coming out response 

22:46  The LGBT Youth and a more accepting society 

23:31  Pegging Men

26:40  Experiences and your writing

27:56  After Ellen & other advice columns

30:59  Gender Roles, Labels and much more

32:52  The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book with Cats

36:01  Writing and experiences as a healer 

39:07  Where to find Anna

ANNA PULLEY is a writer in Oakland, California. Her work has appeared in New York magazine and Mother Jones, on BuzzFeed, AlterNet, The Toast, and Salon, and in zines tastefully peppered with Ani DiFranco lyrics. She’s been a repeat guest on Dan Savage’s podcast, Savage Love, and is a sex and relationship columnist for the Chicago Tribune and AfterEllen. Let her send you overly personal emails at