Andrea Guspie, The Facilitator

Today I chat with Andrea Guspie and get the low down of's  instagram. We discuss how it all began as well as the importance of treating humans like humans. { Interesting concept!   

:14 Intro to Andrea
2:43 on insta
4:38 Growth & aesthetic of gender bender
10:54 Behind the scenes, feedback and a little UX
14:58  Labels  
16:21 Why Instagram?
19:28  The future of gender bender
23:04  In addition to our “9 to 5”
29:11  The future of the LGBT community
31:49 Where to find Andrea


Andrea Guspie is the creator of Gender Bender.  Along with a full time career in the Quartz industry, she has a passion for fitness.  Having competed in several Ironman Triathlon races and the grueling Ultraman competition.  

Andrea currently lives in Toronto.  Running Gender Bender from anywhere her and her phone go.